Monday, 11 April 2011

1 more sleep to go

Wooooo, one more sleep till me and mum head on our little road trip :)

We gets to spend all day packing today too, as mum is working tomorrow and wants to leave straight after work pretty much.

I dont know how its all gonna fit in though. She only has a little car and she has gots to fit all her clothes in, her sleeping bag and pillows, my bed, my food, bowls, leads etc AND Auntie Charlotte wants mum to bring some books, and our weave poles, so we can try to teach Milo how to do it. Poor little car, its gonna have to work hard :P

That reminds me i need to remind mum to stock up on treats for me for when we are there! Oh and i want to take my stag bar too hmmmmmmmmmmm.....i think i had better go write out a list for her, cos i am sure she will forget something :s


Friday, 8 April 2011

Time for fun

Hey pups,
Its been a funny old week here, mum has been frantically trying to finish off something for uni, so iv not really seen much of her :( however she finished it all off today and after jumping round the house in celebration she then had to drive over to Lincoln to hand it in.

Oh she has been acting all funny for a few days, she keeps smiling to herself and she is happy all the time, now iv only caught small bits of convos but apparently she has met a man :/ now i dont normally like men, they are very rough and well i just dont like them, so i am going to be keeping a closer eye on her till i give him my approval, if he deserves it.

Anyway next week, we are going on a road trip down south to see Milo and my Auntie Charlotte, yay i cant wait, its been almost a year since we met for Milo's first birthday. I think we are going to go see Auntie Gaby too and her doggies, Monty and Woody, so it's going to be ace, but i think we will all be tired out by the end of the three days.

Tis all for tonight

Night pups


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Good News

Hey guys guess who i getting promoted to the advanced agility class!!!

Thats right little old me :D

Auntie Theresa was SO impressed with me today, she said i now need to be challenged more, so when we move to classes in the evening i will be moving up a level.

Anyway just a quick update, as i have gots another yummy bone to munch on for being so good.

Have a good weekend everyone