Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sunshine, bones and injuries :P

Hey peeps, not been on for a while, so i thought i'd do a quick update.

Life has been feeling so good atm, spring is on its way :D It's been so nice going out with mum at night with the sun still shining and it being warmer. Don't get me wrong i love winter as that brings snow to play in, but summer time means longer walks and more fun stuff to go see and do. Oh and mum gets a HUGE summer holiday, which means i have her to myself for like forever ;) She has already been mentioning a few things we are going to do, but i don't want to jinx it so i wont disuss it too much.

This new food iv been eating, is making me feel great to. Mum says it's like iv got a spring in my step, not too sure exactly what that means as iv seen no springs anywhere, but never mind cos im feeling goooooooood. I got the biggest bone to munch on the other day too. It was the size of my head!!!! Mum is gonna take some photos for me next time, although i am only allowed it once a week for half an hour, mum says i need to build my time up slowly.

Oh and like a numpty i hurt my paw yesterday :( agility was cancelled as apparently our field was too wet, sooooo we went on a new walk around somewhere called Lutton. Anyway it was really nice to go out somewhere new, but i got a bit excited and kept jumping huge ditches, when i was chasing birds, so i bruised one of my paws, which meant I DIDN'T GET MY WALK LAST NIGHT :'( i tried to convince mum i was fine this morning, but she didnt believe me, so when iv finished this i am going to go and sulk in my bed and make her feel REALLY guilty hahahahaha

Thats all for now, hopefully i will have some more stuff to divulge to you all soon

Dotster xxx

Monday, 21 February 2011

Not happy

Look what happened to my Wubba!!!!

I is not happy about this, Summer killed it :( I love my wubba too. Mum said she is gonna see if she can fix it for me

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Stooopid uni :(

Hello hounds and humans alike. Sorry iv been away for a few days mom has started uni again (stupid invention, if i ever find the guy who did create it, he'd be herded into a pen and never let out again!!!) so she has been hogging my lappytop.

Not much to inform you all of really. We are having our annual break from agility training whilst Auntie Theresa goes and helps hounds out in India (i think thats what she said) all i heard was it will be hot, and i only noticed this cos i dont like the heat. It doesn't help when your mostly black as you seem to attract it :(

Oh i am liking me new food very much, it's so much better than those little biscuity things mom used to give me. Admittedly i did eat them but only cos i had to. This new stuff is so much better and it keeps my teeths clean at the same time too :) plus mom said it takes me longer to eat it so it keeps me quieter longer, personally i dont know where she gets that im noisy from hehehe ;)

Anyway i is off to chase some sheep in my dreams, i might jump some hurdles there too

Night all

Dotster xxx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Just cos i'm nice

Hey everyone :)

Mom is making a new blog about this new food i am going to be fed, so i thought i would be nice to her and post a link for you all to see.

Apparently we start tomorrow, woo i'm excited :D