Friday, 23 July 2010

Ok photos from our trip to the river :)

My sister Milly came too, mum says Summer cant come as it's too far for her to walk :'( and yes we all did get very wet. Milly says she enjoys shaking all over everyone, she finds it funny.

Oh and mum was very happy cos she said something about blackberries starting to grow, apparently they are very tasty, and she said i can try some when she picks them!

Today is gonna be a quiet day though, and im staying out of mum's way. She is mad cos her work is not giving her enough hours. Personally i dont think she should ever go out to work, but apparently running a car, a phone, and looking after lil ol' me can be quite expensive. I have no idea why though?

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I need my own laptop!

Right ok this is not fair!

I could not get on the laptop yesterday as my mum was busy doing uni work! Does she not realise that i have important stuff to do as well?!? Iv got to do all my research for Paws in the Park, and my Isle of Wight trip coming up.

Maybe if i behave i may get my own lappytop for Christmas.

Anyway to make up for it we are off to the river this morning Yay! Oh and Milly is coming too which means we are all gonna get soaked :s I'll get mum to bring that camera thing which takes pictures of us while we play. Yes that is a good idea, you can never have too many pictures of moi ;)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A big HI to all

Ok i have been debating the idea of starting my own blog for a while, and i have decided that as mum is due to start her 2nd year at uni in September, it would give me something to do, while she is away in the day.

So a bit of background i think would be in order.

My name is Dottie, but my full name is Atara's Little Dot. I am a Border Collie and i am 1yr and 26 days old. I am not a pedigree but both my birth parents were working sheepdogs.

I share my home with my mum, her two sisters and my nana and grandad (mum's mum and dad) also in our family are my two canine sister Summer (12) and Milly (6) (who are both Golden Retreivers) my feline brothers and sisters (Paddy(6), Genie (5), and Alfie (2) oh and not forgetting the Guinea Pig, David (5)

My mum bought me as a release from all the stress she suffers from being at uni and working, mind you apparently i have caused her stress too, i have no idea as to why :P. She also wants us to compete at agility (she has mentioned something about aiming for crufts, i have no idea what this is but it sounds important!) but while we were waiting until i was old enough to start our agility training we have been taking part in obedience classes. Apparently without sounding big-headed, i was really good, apart from when it came to the retrieve. I still cannot figure out why it should be me who has to run after a toy and bring it back, why can't my mum fetch it for me??? Anyway mum says we have to give up obedience due to her not earning enough money to do both, but we have loads of stuff we can practice on, and i LOVE learning new tricks and showing off to everyone.

Anyway as agility is my main sport for now, i though i would share my experiences of it with the world, as well as my everyday life.

So signing out from my big introduction

Dottie x