Thursday, 31 March 2011


It's nearly the holiday's which means i get to spend more time with mum!!!!!

Also also i am going to see Auntie Charlotte and Auntie Gaby, and their dogs Milo, Woody, and Monty. I havn't seen them in almost a year since we met up for Milo's first birthday. It's going to be so much fun, even if it is a fairly long drive! Oh well never mind i do like the car, it is nice and relaxing, i usually fall to sleep :s

Anyway thats all for tonight i am pretty tired, as i have been out with mum three times today and we did get up at half 5 this morning, being the crazy people we are lol


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Its no longer hooves of should now be known as paws of fire!

Hey guys,
Man have i had a busy morning or what! To start with mum got up really really early, and for once it was not due to me being awake lol. Anyway so i got a bit bored as we had breakfast and then sat around for like ages waiting to go to agility. Sooooo i made mum play tug of war for a bit.

When we finally left for agility it had felt like the day had already gone! Anyway, Millie had her class first and apparently she wa much better this week. I think her confidence was higher as she managed to go through the tunnel without mum crawling in it halfway this week, and she is starting to understand about turning to another jump. Now i will admit i did get a bit annoyed as mum had parked near the gate this week so i could see everyone else having fun without me, so i did get told to be quiet a few times :s ooops!

Anyway when it came to my turn, me and Ruby had a play in the field just racing each other as us Collie's do, and when my back was turned as if by magic my nemesis had appeared in the field. The dreaded dog walk!!! now if you dont know i fell off this contraption at the first club we went to and its taken me ages to get over my fear of heights, but i did try and after a few attempts of mum and Ruby's mum staying each side of me, i finally got the confidence to do it all myself :D So i got LOADS of treats, yay!

I overheard as well i may be moving up a group, along with Milly (not my milly another one that comes to training) Tye, and Ruby. We will be going into the advanced section, which will push us more and it will also mean mum has to co-ordinate herself more :P Oh another bit of exciting news is that Auntie Lydia might be coming to watch next week, so hopefully i will have some photos and videos to share with anyone :)

Anyways i am off for a little sleep, before i bug mum to take us out again later.

Ciao for now


Friday, 25 March 2011

Happy days :)

Hey peeps,
Today has beeb B-E-A-U-tiful, apart from mum hasnt been feeling too well. Which she has been upset about as she has been visiting lots of little peoples at human version of school. Anyway she has been really enjoying it and it has meant she hasnt been out of the house for as long either.

I tried to help her by making her take me out as fresh air is good for you, and it seems to have been working, we had a really nice walk along the river. Mum took some new improved photos of me which i shall post on here for yous all to see me.

I had another surprise later on in the day too, a MAHOOSIVE bone to eats. Now i eat bones anyway as i am on a raw diet (nom nom nom) but the ones we get on a friday are extra special as they are extra big! I mean they are almost the size of my head. Mum was pleased though as it kept all three of us rather quiet :P Again i shall post pictures to prove the size of these beasty bones!

We had a little agility session in the afternoon too in the garden. Mum wanted to work with Millie to improve her basic jumping so mum doesnt have to stand in front of every jump tomorrow, and i have to say Millie did pick it up pretty quick. Now no Retriever will ever be as quick as one of us Collie's but she is doing pretty good so far. But of course i did have to show her how its done, so mum made me do some turns and head over jumps away from her, just to get me working away from her more.

So all in all a pretty fine day for all of us, and as promised piccies will now appear.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring is here!!!

Spring is here, spring is here *dances around the room*

It is so nice atm, we have been allowed out longer with mum, and the other night me and Millie met loads of dogs down by the river. It was so much fun playing with them all, there was a lab called Moss a springer called Ozz, a mad mad collie cross called Max, a beagle cross called Holly, a labradoodle called Tilly and another collie but i cannot remember his name :s

Millie was boring though she only wanted to go swimming, but i wanted to play, so the rest of us were racing along the river bank, and through peoples legs. Its so fun watching them try to dodge you, not that i would ever run into anyone on purpose, i just gets a bit carried away sometimes.

Oh oh i met some schmall peoples too, now normally i dont like them as they hang onto you and poke you, but these ones were really nice, they stroked me really nicely and didnt scream either. If all little peoples were like that it wouldn't be so bad, but they are not so for the time being i will be careful around them.

Anyway i am off to sunbathe seeing as its so nice


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Life's good

Hey guys whilst it was quiet in the house this morning, i thought i'd rob mum's laptop and write a short post.

Life is pretty good at the moment, the weather helps i think :/ even mum and everyone else seem happier in general.

So lets see what has been happening, hmmmm mum keeps mentioning something about moving out, now i am not sure exactly what she is going on about but it sounds fun, aparently though it depends on money. Now from what i gather money is not a great thing and yet peoples use it for everything! Personally i think they should rethink and change money for something else but hey what do i know i am just a little border collie ;)

Agility was fandabydozy yesterday. Millie has started too, i dont think she will ever be as good as me as she is a lot bigger and slower, but mum says it might help her loose some weight and meet new people, and the guys and hounds at agility are ace :D Know i didnt get to watch moo go round but i heard an awful lot of laughing, and when millie came back to swap with me, she said mum had to get in the tunnel with her!!! Now i found this hilarious the tunnel is not scary, mind you it does take a lot to scare me, anyway millie told me once she had plucked up the courage to go through it wasnt so bad, and she thinks she will enjoy going once she gets the hang of it. After all you do get loads of yummy treats, and she is a retriever which to her is like heaven ;)

Mum got nervous as we were the best pair there yesterday so we had to try everything out to show all the others what to do, and she only went wrong a few times :P she blames me cos i am so fast she cant keep up! Its not my fault i have four legs and not two!

Mind you i fell out with her afterwards though as i had to have a bath :( i was not a happy puppy i tell you, i HATE baths. Mind you i did smell nice afterwards but that is beside the point.

Oh i scared myself this morning too :( it felt like i had something stuck in my throat that wouldnt move :s mum thinks it may have been that pizza crust i had last night :/ apparently i need to slow down when i eat. Anyway she put some oil down my throat and it seems better, i think i will take it slowly today though, mind you mum is at work so there wont be much to do anyway apart from mess up her bed and sleep ;P

Right it's time for walkies anyway so i am gonna shoot


Monday, 14 March 2011

Busy busy bee

Hey y'all,
i have been rather busy lately hence the silence. So what have i been up to then, lets see.........
I have had to put up with something called a rabbit this past week. Momma brought it home as it had been poorly, it smelt yucky, apparently thins is due to something called an infection, i hope i never have one it smelt gross. Well anyway it went back today, so yay peace and quiet tonight. The daft thing kept kicking its cagey thing, at sleepy times.

Mum went to crufts and met up with all my auntie's from around the country, i wish i could have gone, but only competition dogs were allowed, but maybe one year i'll be there ;) anyway i gots lots of sweets when mum came back, and i gots a new harness for when me and mum go out, its a nice royal blue, none of this pink rubbish for me, its blergh! Mum treated herself to a new shirt to remember it by. I think she should treat herself more, she never buys herself anything nice, she is always lending her money to other people :(

Oh another thing mum and auntie's charlotte, gaby, regan, and rachel were on the tele box thing!!!! I didnt get to see them as my nan was watching something else, but apparently it was good, and mum got asked what her favourite breed of dog was and guess what she said....... thats right border collie XD

Ooooo my agility class was amazing on saturday! I was flying around the course :D Im getting so much better at relying on mum's voice rather than her pointing at stuff which means i can get ahead of her and go faster. Anyway the best bit was mum stayed to watch the advanced group work, while i had a little snooze in the car, but then she stayed to have tea and cake, and i got to come out and meet the advanced dogs and have a lil play, and a lil bit of cake, but shuush dont tell anyone ;)

Millie is going to start agility too, to help her loose a bit of weight, so i am going to try and tell her as much as i can to help her, mum said it will be nice to run a dog and be able to keep up with it! I cant help i am so fast, im gonna need to be if i want to get to crufts! Speaking of which i may go have a little dream about the day when i win :D

Night all for now

Dotster xx