Friday, 23 July 2010

Ok photos from our trip to the river :)

My sister Milly came too, mum says Summer cant come as it's too far for her to walk :'( and yes we all did get very wet. Milly says she enjoys shaking all over everyone, she finds it funny.

Oh and mum was very happy cos she said something about blackberries starting to grow, apparently they are very tasty, and she said i can try some when she picks them!

Today is gonna be a quiet day though, and im staying out of mum's way. She is mad cos her work is not giving her enough hours. Personally i dont think she should ever go out to work, but apparently running a car, a phone, and looking after lil ol' me can be quite expensive. I have no idea why though?

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  1. Hi sweet puppies!!! You are so adorable!!!!! It Looks like are having a lot fun on your trip to the river !!! Hope you are having a great week!!! ~Hugs~ the fuzzy gang