Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It's been a while

I'm back :)

Due to me being unable to access this stoopid lappytop thing, iv been very slack with this whole blog business.

So whats been happening? Well mum went back to uni, which meant i havn't seen her as much, but she gets extra long holidays which has made up for it. She tells me it's so she can end up getting a really good job, so we can have our own house. She better hurry up about it!

Um what else, oh we started a new agility club, which is soooooo much better than the old one. My new trainer Theresa is so nice and she gives me lots of fuss, which is nice and reassuring, esp when i have to do the contact stuff as im nervous since my accident :(

Oh this Christmas thing happened again as well, i dont remember the first one too much as i was ickle back then, but it was loads of fun. I got a new coat which makes me look damn good if i do say so myself, and it's nice a snuggly warm, i also got a new toy, called a snugga wubba, i prefer to cuddle it than play with it as its soo fluffy, and i got a mahoosive chew bone too. We had loads of snow too, which is so much fun to play in, and when it turns to ice, sliding over it is well cool! Although as i found out, sliding into mum and knocking her over does not go down too well :s

So anywho, bit short and sweet update as i am a wee bit sleepy, since i just got back from my evening walk, so im gonna head off up to bed and warm it up for mum, when she finally drags herself up.

Night all

Dots x


  1. Haha, well, your mummy needs to go to uni, so she can get a qualification, to then get a good job, to then get a house for you both. (:

    I love you Dottie <3 x] Sleep well!

  2. I love you too Auntie Saz xxx