Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sunshine, bones and injuries :P

Hey peeps, not been on for a while, so i thought i'd do a quick update.

Life has been feeling so good atm, spring is on its way :D It's been so nice going out with mum at night with the sun still shining and it being warmer. Don't get me wrong i love winter as that brings snow to play in, but summer time means longer walks and more fun stuff to go see and do. Oh and mum gets a HUGE summer holiday, which means i have her to myself for like forever ;) She has already been mentioning a few things we are going to do, but i don't want to jinx it so i wont disuss it too much.

This new food iv been eating, is making me feel great to. Mum says it's like iv got a spring in my step, not too sure exactly what that means as iv seen no springs anywhere, but never mind cos im feeling goooooooood. I got the biggest bone to munch on the other day too. It was the size of my head!!!! Mum is gonna take some photos for me next time, although i am only allowed it once a week for half an hour, mum says i need to build my time up slowly.

Oh and like a numpty i hurt my paw yesterday :( agility was cancelled as apparently our field was too wet, sooooo we went on a new walk around somewhere called Lutton. Anyway it was really nice to go out somewhere new, but i got a bit excited and kept jumping huge ditches, when i was chasing birds, so i bruised one of my paws, which meant I DIDN'T GET MY WALK LAST NIGHT :'( i tried to convince mum i was fine this morning, but she didnt believe me, so when iv finished this i am going to go and sulk in my bed and make her feel REALLY guilty hahahahaha

Thats all for now, hopefully i will have some more stuff to divulge to you all soon

Dotster xxx

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  1. Ahhh! I love the Spring so much. :D

    Also - Hope you paw gets better soon! D: You need to try and be careful dots. <3 Which I know is hard when your so excited. :P