Monday, 14 March 2011

Busy busy bee

Hey y'all,
i have been rather busy lately hence the silence. So what have i been up to then, lets see.........
I have had to put up with something called a rabbit this past week. Momma brought it home as it had been poorly, it smelt yucky, apparently thins is due to something called an infection, i hope i never have one it smelt gross. Well anyway it went back today, so yay peace and quiet tonight. The daft thing kept kicking its cagey thing, at sleepy times.

Mum went to crufts and met up with all my auntie's from around the country, i wish i could have gone, but only competition dogs were allowed, but maybe one year i'll be there ;) anyway i gots lots of sweets when mum came back, and i gots a new harness for when me and mum go out, its a nice royal blue, none of this pink rubbish for me, its blergh! Mum treated herself to a new shirt to remember it by. I think she should treat herself more, she never buys herself anything nice, she is always lending her money to other people :(

Oh another thing mum and auntie's charlotte, gaby, regan, and rachel were on the tele box thing!!!! I didnt get to see them as my nan was watching something else, but apparently it was good, and mum got asked what her favourite breed of dog was and guess what she said....... thats right border collie XD

Ooooo my agility class was amazing on saturday! I was flying around the course :D Im getting so much better at relying on mum's voice rather than her pointing at stuff which means i can get ahead of her and go faster. Anyway the best bit was mum stayed to watch the advanced group work, while i had a little snooze in the car, but then she stayed to have tea and cake, and i got to come out and meet the advanced dogs and have a lil play, and a lil bit of cake, but shuush dont tell anyone ;)

Millie is going to start agility too, to help her loose a bit of weight, so i am going to try and tell her as much as i can to help her, mum said it will be nice to run a dog and be able to keep up with it! I cant help i am so fast, im gonna need to be if i want to get to crufts! Speaking of which i may go have a little dream about the day when i win :D

Night all for now

Dotster xx


  1. No pink rubbish for me either Dotster! ;) We ARE girls but we do have SOME dignity! lol! Busy doggie then, eh? What did they bring a rabbit home for? I would have eaten it if it didn't smell bad. HMMMMMMM......Rabbit Pie!

  2. Well millie i did try to lick it, but i got yelled at :S