Saturday, 22 January 2011

Agility was so cool today! We got to play on the see saw for the first time ever. I will admit it was a lil bit scary so mum and Theresa held me and the see saw, and by the third attempt it was not so scary. Theresa said she will not push me into anything too quick due to my accident which is nice to know :) On the plus side though i have finally gotten over my fear of the A-frame, which mum was so excited about, she almost slipped over in the mud she was jumping around so much hehe.

I had a good sleep when we got back, running around is hard work especially when it's muddy. I let mum go up town too, she said she had some things to do whilst i was sleeping. When she got back though she smelt all funny, she kinda smelt a bit like the vet in that it was a clean kind of smell. Another strange thing is when i jumped up to give her a cuddle she yelped :s i got down pretty quick as it shocked me, iv never hurt anyone jumping up them before. I'm still not sure why she yelped and she has been holding her side funny all night, if i find out that someone has hurt my mum, well lets just say they will never do it again! I may have to investigate the whole matter further tonight. Anyway's time for evening walkies :)

Dotster xx

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  1. Well done Dotster!

    Aunty Charlotte is very proud of you :)