Monday, 24 January 2011


God these past two days have been sooooooo boring :(

Mum has been at work for both of them, and although we still go out for a walk twice a day, its still not the same when she is not here. Don't get me wrong i am used to it, due to her stupid uni thingy she goes to, but i wish i could spend all day with her. On the plus side the evenings are getting a lot lighter so mum said we can start going on longer walks, and start to do some tricks in the garden :)

I have had a job recently though, my nana has been poorly with her teeths, so my job has been to look after her and give lots of cuddles to make her feel better. Apparently i'm better at it because im smaller than Sumby and Schmoo and i can sit on people's laps without hurting them ;) There are advantages to being smaller hehe

So due to the boredom i dont have much to update you all with, so i'm signing out for the night

Dotster xx

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