Friday, 21 January 2011

Planning ahead

Hello all,
It's been a pretty boring few days really. Mum has been working at her new job, she says it's fun but she comes home absolutely reeking of parrots, mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and a whole host of other animals. It has also meant i have had to badger her for our evening walk, as she has been knackered by the time she gets home. However she has promised me that it is only due to her new routine, so she wont be like this forever.

I am quite excited though, mum order a new book the other day, and it finally came yesterday. She has been reading it all today, and she is excited about all the new stuff she is going to teach me to do. The book (in case any one is interested) is......

Apparently the stuff in it is really cool, so i shall keep everyone updated as to how it goes :D If your lucky i may get mum to make a few videos up too!

Oh another thing iv been earwigging on, is apparently mum is looking into changing what i eat :s i'm not sure exactly to what but iv heard her mumbling about things like chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, fish oh and deer and rabbit too. I'm not too sure what exactly she has planned yet but it sounds well yummy XD i wonder if that is why she has started this new job??? so she can bring me small furry things to eat??? I shall have to investigate more, she has left some books lying around so when she is not here i think i may have to have a read of them.

Anyway ofskies for now, iv got to rest up for agility tomorrow :D wahoo can't wait i love my agility

Night all

Dotster signing out xxx

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  1. Oooh, looks like a very interesting book! (=

    Oh and, good luck in agility tomorrow Dots!! <3