Saturday, 26 March 2011

Its no longer hooves of should now be known as paws of fire!

Hey guys,
Man have i had a busy morning or what! To start with mum got up really really early, and for once it was not due to me being awake lol. Anyway so i got a bit bored as we had breakfast and then sat around for like ages waiting to go to agility. Sooooo i made mum play tug of war for a bit.

When we finally left for agility it had felt like the day had already gone! Anyway, Millie had her class first and apparently she wa much better this week. I think her confidence was higher as she managed to go through the tunnel without mum crawling in it halfway this week, and she is starting to understand about turning to another jump. Now i will admit i did get a bit annoyed as mum had parked near the gate this week so i could see everyone else having fun without me, so i did get told to be quiet a few times :s ooops!

Anyway when it came to my turn, me and Ruby had a play in the field just racing each other as us Collie's do, and when my back was turned as if by magic my nemesis had appeared in the field. The dreaded dog walk!!! now if you dont know i fell off this contraption at the first club we went to and its taken me ages to get over my fear of heights, but i did try and after a few attempts of mum and Ruby's mum staying each side of me, i finally got the confidence to do it all myself :D So i got LOADS of treats, yay!

I overheard as well i may be moving up a group, along with Milly (not my milly another one that comes to training) Tye, and Ruby. We will be going into the advanced section, which will push us more and it will also mean mum has to co-ordinate herself more :P Oh another bit of exciting news is that Auntie Lydia might be coming to watch next week, so hopefully i will have some photos and videos to share with anyone :)

Anyways i am off for a little sleep, before i bug mum to take us out again later.

Ciao for now


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  1. We'd love to see your mum halfway in the tunnel...BOL!

    Well done, overcoming your fear....though, think of the treats if you act scared again.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella