Friday, 25 March 2011

Happy days :)

Hey peeps,
Today has beeb B-E-A-U-tiful, apart from mum hasnt been feeling too well. Which she has been upset about as she has been visiting lots of little peoples at human version of school. Anyway she has been really enjoying it and it has meant she hasnt been out of the house for as long either.

I tried to help her by making her take me out as fresh air is good for you, and it seems to have been working, we had a really nice walk along the river. Mum took some new improved photos of me which i shall post on here for yous all to see me.

I had another surprise later on in the day too, a MAHOOSIVE bone to eats. Now i eat bones anyway as i am on a raw diet (nom nom nom) but the ones we get on a friday are extra special as they are extra big! I mean they are almost the size of my head. Mum was pleased though as it kept all three of us rather quiet :P Again i shall post pictures to prove the size of these beasty bones!

We had a little agility session in the afternoon too in the garden. Mum wanted to work with Millie to improve her basic jumping so mum doesnt have to stand in front of every jump tomorrow, and i have to say Millie did pick it up pretty quick. Now no Retriever will ever be as quick as one of us Collie's but she is doing pretty good so far. But of course i did have to show her how its done, so mum made me do some turns and head over jumps away from her, just to get me working away from her more.

So all in all a pretty fine day for all of us, and as promised piccies will now appear.


  1. Hi Dottie, thanks for stopping by our blog. We love meeting new dogs.

    We are DROOLING over those bones!!!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Woooos Dottie! Spring days are the best hu??!! Sounds like yours was a grand one:) And a tasty bone to top it all off, it doesn't get much better does it? play bows,