Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring is here!!!

Spring is here, spring is here *dances around the room*

It is so nice atm, we have been allowed out longer with mum, and the other night me and Millie met loads of dogs down by the river. It was so much fun playing with them all, there was a lab called Moss a springer called Ozz, a mad mad collie cross called Max, a beagle cross called Holly, a labradoodle called Tilly and another collie but i cannot remember his name :s

Millie was boring though she only wanted to go swimming, but i wanted to play, so the rest of us were racing along the river bank, and through peoples legs. Its so fun watching them try to dodge you, not that i would ever run into anyone on purpose, i just gets a bit carried away sometimes.

Oh oh i met some schmall peoples too, now normally i dont like them as they hang onto you and poke you, but these ones were really nice, they stroked me really nicely and didnt scream either. If all little peoples were like that it wouldn't be so bad, but they are not so for the time being i will be careful around them.

Anyway i am off to sunbathe seeing as its so nice


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