Saturday, 19 March 2011

Life's good

Hey guys whilst it was quiet in the house this morning, i thought i'd rob mum's laptop and write a short post.

Life is pretty good at the moment, the weather helps i think :/ even mum and everyone else seem happier in general.

So lets see what has been happening, hmmmm mum keeps mentioning something about moving out, now i am not sure exactly what she is going on about but it sounds fun, aparently though it depends on money. Now from what i gather money is not a great thing and yet peoples use it for everything! Personally i think they should rethink and change money for something else but hey what do i know i am just a little border collie ;)

Agility was fandabydozy yesterday. Millie has started too, i dont think she will ever be as good as me as she is a lot bigger and slower, but mum says it might help her loose some weight and meet new people, and the guys and hounds at agility are ace :D Know i didnt get to watch moo go round but i heard an awful lot of laughing, and when millie came back to swap with me, she said mum had to get in the tunnel with her!!! Now i found this hilarious the tunnel is not scary, mind you it does take a lot to scare me, anyway millie told me once she had plucked up the courage to go through it wasnt so bad, and she thinks she will enjoy going once she gets the hang of it. After all you do get loads of yummy treats, and she is a retriever which to her is like heaven ;)

Mum got nervous as we were the best pair there yesterday so we had to try everything out to show all the others what to do, and she only went wrong a few times :P she blames me cos i am so fast she cant keep up! Its not my fault i have four legs and not two!

Mind you i fell out with her afterwards though as i had to have a bath :( i was not a happy puppy i tell you, i HATE baths. Mind you i did smell nice afterwards but that is beside the point.

Oh i scared myself this morning too :( it felt like i had something stuck in my throat that wouldnt move :s mum thinks it may have been that pizza crust i had last night :/ apparently i need to slow down when i eat. Anyway she put some oil down my throat and it seems better, i think i will take it slowly today though, mind you mum is at work so there wont be much to do anyway apart from mess up her bed and sleep ;P

Right it's time for walkies anyway so i am gonna shoot



  1. Super cute blog! Thanks for following me. I'm following your blog too and when I was reading this post I actually thought for a few seconds that a dog wrote it. I really got into it.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. What do you mean? I do write it :P I am a Border Collie after all, and you cant get much smarter than one of us hehe x